FAG Artigrafiche is part of a market-leading Italian group that manufactures cardboard products and display units.

The group, founded in 1959, has a turnover of more than 155 million euros and is made up of five companies with branches in Italy and abroad, all united by their love of innovation.


This branch of the group specialises in the design of solutions for corrugated cardboard packaging and industrial displays for medium and large-scale circulation. Its efficient and dynamic technical department strives to offer industrial solutions that can meet the aesthetic, functional and logistical needs of every customer. Its state-of-the-art machinery also allows the company to be highly flexible and responsive when faced with tight turnaround times. To offer customers in the cardboard industry a cutting-edge R&D service, FAG founded its FAG Lab division, which is dedicated to research, development and innovation.


The company specialises in in-store marketing promotions, producing comprehensive display solutions that range from window boards to complex promotional stands with interactive features. From design to in-store setup, the company guarantees quality and promotional tracking, combining the latest technology with craftsmanship to make each display stand unique and original.


This company has been operating in the cardboard industry for over 50 years and specialises in the production of rigid cardboard packaging and high value added packaging. AGR’s competitive advantage is down to its high-performance, cutting-edge machinery and the expertise that it has acquired over many years when it comes to key issues such as safety, food safety and high-end surface treatments.


A market leader in the creation and production of creative and innovative in-store marketing solutions. Operates in France, with a base in Paris and a presence throughout central France. A dedicated team working on every project and constant production tracking make the company a point of reference for the national market.