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SRP – Shelf-ready packaging -,, trays, packaging with interior graphic, premium solutions and with customized shapes. A packaging not only designed for transport, but with particular attention to the entire life cycle.



We design trays punched and glued at 4 and 6 angles. With joints and specific shapes, we also produce coupled cardboard trays stackable in the store.

Packaging with interior graphic

For the shipment of the products we create the packaging with internal graphics and havana on the outside with interlocking bottom. This solution is ideal for reducing the number of brochures and explaining how the product works with only offset printed graphics.

Premium Packaging

To distinguish the product at the point of sale, Fag Artigrafiche offers solutions with ad hoc finishes to visually convey the message you want to convey.

Packaging with interiors design

For household appliances and technological elements, we design and produce boxes with cardboard interiors for the realization of a single material product with the function of protecting the content during transport and storage.

Special projects

Depending on the product contained, our technical team studies distinguishable solutions at the point of sale with the design of unique shapes, different from linear ones.