The new software developed by Fag Artigrafiche in collaboration with Project Hub 360 °
which provides a comparative measurement of the environmental impact
of two or more paper converting solutions.

Is it possible to combine efficiency, price and sustainability?

The answer is yes, thanks to the Fag LCA Tool: an innovative tool that allows us to measure and compare the environmental sustainability of two or more solutions, designing from a sustainable perspective.

Materials, design and finishes can determine different impacts on the environment due to the type and extent of the associated environmental load.
The Fag Lca Tool analyzes 11 categories of environmental impact – such as the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions that affect climate change.

By analyzing these data, our technical teams can guide our customers in choosing the most sustainable combinations of materials, structures, shapes and finishes, improving the ecological footprint of paper products over time, without ever giving up maximum structural and aesthetic functionality.

Fag Lca Tool: How it works

Phase 1

In the first phase, the scope of the LCA analysis is defined (based on the Life Cycle Assessment: analytical methodology that quantifies the potential impact of a product on the environment). The characteristics of the products under analysis are defined: structures and geometries, materials, finishes.

Phase 2

Our technical teams collect and process the data necessary for the analysis of environmental impacts, which are quantified through the definition of environmental KPIs (performance indicators) that measure global, local and toxicological effects.

Phase 3

In the third and last phase, the obtained results are analyzed and returned to the Customer.
The Fag Lca Tool allows us to quantify the differential impacts of the products being evaluated with the aim of selecting the most sustainable paper converting solution.

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