For the food sector, the company manufactures ground and counter displays to convey the product to the point of sale, totem and panels for the promotion and communication and secondary packaging to contain and preserve any food, from panettone to coffee to frozen foods.

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Communication and transportation of beverages are the main guidelines considered by the technical team.
Reinforced handles, ad hoc joints, automatic bottoms and windows are an example of solutions adopted to allow great ease by the end user.

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Personal Care

In personal care, the shape of the exhibitors is relevant to highlight the message of the communication and the product at the point of sale. The technical team approaches each brief by studying the product in all its characteristics in order to develop solutions that are unique and distinguishable .

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Petfood & Petcare

For the petfood & petcare market, Fag Artigrafiche designs and manufactures totem and panels for promotions at the point of sale, in which the unusual shape and pop-ups play an important role in attracting the attention of the final customer.

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The design method involves the analysis of the entire life cycle of a paper product, from the choice of material to recycling in landfills: for products intended for the home environment, the end of life is one of the main aspects taken into consideration.

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Fag Artigrafiche is specialized in single-material solutions with interiors completely in paper converting where joints, cuts and folds allow the packaging to fully protect the technological content from impacts during transport.

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