Eco-Design and reduction of the environmental impact


Designing with a responsible approach also means reducing the environmental impact of our products right from their conception, applying the principles of eco-design and making use of advanced tools and technologies.



With the support of Project Hub 360, we have developed software, the Fag LCA Tool, which allows us to compare and evaluate the environmental impact of two or more paper converting solutions, analyzing 11 categories of impact.

By analyzing these data, our technical teams can guide our customers in the choice of the most sustainable combinations of materials, structures, shapes and more sustainable trims, designing from an eco-design perspective and improving the ecological footprint of paper products over time. without ever giving up the maximum structural and aesthetic functionality.



Eco design represents the new frontier of sustainable design: when we create an eco-friendly  project, we analyze the expected environmental impact throughout the life of the product, in order to reduce it from its conception.

Even the packaging and displays can be redesigned taking into account the principles of eco design, which our technical teams can apply, thanks also to the use of innovative software and tools that allow us to reduce the ecological footprint of paper products.



Within the product offer, Fag Artigrafiche offers monomaterial paper converting solutions: packaging and displays made entirely of cardboard, with structural performance equal to that of plastic, metal or wooden components.

A winning choice in terms of environmental and economic sustainability: easy to differentiate, they access the recycling chain in a simple way, reducing the environmental impact and promoting the reuse of materials.

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