A great challenge to which we are all called to respond


Fag Artigrafiche has always invested in the research and development of new tools and technologies aimed at improving the energy efficiency of plants and minimizing the environmental impact of products and processes, limiting waste and promoting the recycling and reuse of materials, following a circular economy model.

Being a sustainable company is a great challenge to which we are all called to respond: by collaborating with our customers and suppliers, we work together to actively take care of our planet.

We are also committed to guaranteeing our employees a working environment that is not only safe and healthy – which values diversity and promotes inclusion – but also stimulating – able to offer opportunities for professional growth and to recognize talents and personal merits, thanks also to constant and periodic training.



Since 2019, in our factory in Dogliani, we produce green power thanks to a
cogeneration plant, with a full self-consumption of the produced energy and
a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

colose up solar panels on sunset.


Since July 2021 our factory in Canneto sull’Oglio (MN) is equipped with a
photovoltaic plant with a power of 800 kW/h.
The photovoltaic plant autonomously supplies renewable electricity with a
significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

5. Uffici Plastic LEss


Fag Artigrafiche has chosen to undertake a “Plastic & Paper Less” action within the offices. Thanks to purifiers that deliver drinking water, we have replaced disposable bottles with reusable bottles. We also encourage the digitization of documents – limiting the use of paper and toner.

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