Bionike floor stand display



Client: ICIM International Srl

Designer: Fag Lab

Display solution with an asymmetrical, dynamic, double-sided silhouette, made entirely of cardboard to promote and showcase different types of packaging.

Without losing the focus on the required aesthetic factor, innovation and creativity enabled the study of a display project with reinforced rotating and opening shelves.

The proposed solution ensured delivery to the point of sale of the display unit already assembled ready to contain and hold the substantial weight of dedicated products.

Moreover, this eco-design study realized not just a display solution more sustainable but impacted also on the whole logistic phase, in this case of the 2500 pcs required.

Thanks to the optimization of the display’s size, the dedicated transport volume was considerably reduced by palletizing on a standard 120×80 cm pallet, 4 displays instead of 2.


H 185×56.5×50.5 cm
Made of double-wall corrugated cardboard, coated honeycomb shelves, gold foil crowner.
Offset printing with glossy lamination.Stampa offset con plastificatura lucida.


The palletizing design of 4pcs per pallet, for an order of 2,500 displays, avoid the greenhouse emission of 1.25 ton CO2 eq.
This value corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed in 1 year by 57 trees.